Its the way I like it.

Brie, quince paste, crackers, cappuccino, tomato soup and Dixit Dominus by Cozzolani through the earphones and I'm set for the next 3 hours before I get on the plane and retire for the night.

I'm in a world of my own… its the way I like it when I travel. It my small bubble of peace.


I've achieved so much on this trip, its been wonderful.

I've met the most inspiring people and I've been granted a rare insight into the lives of some very generous  people.

From the luxury of Asilomar  – to children who live in poverty but still have the time to give of themselves.


Visits to New York, which is an experience that I will carry in my heart forever after a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Ireland, both Northern and Southern, the beauty and the sadness.

Santa Fe, an absolute inspiration. The generosity of the Westside Quilters…and the visit to the  Getty Villa and of course my visiting with my friends and quilting peers from all over the world.


Thank you.

Fortunately my face has healed well and it just might be that I'm making each day special after that health scare.

I'm looking at things a little differently these days.

I enjoyed the 4th of July so much.

Lisa and I attended the parade and we sat in the sun, ate donuts and waved flags. (yes Rachael I wore a hat)

I never tire of the patriotism of the average American citizen. I used to attend the parade in Minnesota for years and I felt close to tears when I saw everyone stand with their hand on their heart as the colors passed by.

In the evening we were amongst guests invited to view the fireworks from a vantage point high on the hill at the Space Museum.

Friend Larry spent the day preparing for the event. He grilled hotdogs, we ate homemade coleslaw, potato salad and I sampled all the traditional things my friends love so much on this special day.

Our event in Alamogordo added to the tally of almost $60.000 given to the young people of Otero County and I was surprised by the Mayor with a Commendation. To be honest it should be given to all the volunteers who assist us in our project.

Well its almost time to fly home to my family, so I need to finish this blog. Its a little disjointed because its taking ages to put each photo in.

Thanks for the memories and experiences.

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