Trying to keep healthy while I travel.


Someone asked me the other day, how do you maintain your health and stamina?

I have a few golden rules… but basically I think I'm just lucky.

One of the perils of travel is getting ill. Of course it depends on where you are traveling but even a week away in your own country can have an effect on your body.

I've been ill twice in my travels. Once was this year when traveling companion Lisa and I both fell victim to Viral Pneumonia on the same day. The other time was after I was mugged and I contracted Shingles from the shock (so they say)

Not too bad for 14 years of travel.

I've fallen and broken my arm but on the whole I'm ever vigilant.

Lack of sleep, changed eating habits, rapid change in climate or environment, increased intake of different foods is an understated hazard.

I dislike water intensely, but I do try to drink more when traveling. A good alternative for me is soda water. I don't drink  alcohol and up the water intake if I can. Dehydration creeps up on you while traveling. Sitting in a seat for hours, especially in a plane, you are sitting in a human made test tube of everyone's bugs,  Fess, a preparation to keep your sinuses clear helps… Someone coughs, I fess.

I try to eat the same diet I have at home… but that's not  always possible, Greek Yogurt, dates, honey, egg on toast and cheeses are my staples. I'm highly allergic to fresh fruit and veg, so I supplement with vitamins and cooked fruit. I always carry packets of Miso soup with me.. its quick, easy and a great settler for the tummy if you feel a little 'off'

I wash my hands often, be very careful of what you touch with your hands and what you put in your mouth, the alcohol based wipes takes the skin off my hands, but washing lots especially before you eat is essential.

I love to try new food and if you read my blog I do get into some gut inflammatory stuff, like green chili cheese burgers… but in moderation.

I try to have a reflexology spa as soon as I get home from long overseas flights. Maybe its my idiosyncrasy but a good practitioner gets the circulation moving a little faster than just rest.

My trip to India in September will be a challenge… but I've done it many ties before and maintained my health.


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