I made it.

Goodness me, the alarm rang shrill at 3.15. I slept in the chair all night and I was woken from a deep sleep.

The TV news  was  broadcasting bad news in the background and dog Ralf buried further into his bed anticipating my departure yet again.

They make great barista coffee in the executive club at the airport and the Greek yoghurt is all I need to get me going. It was still dark when we left Adelaide 15 minutes late.

I was supposed to have an hour and a half turn around in Sydney and I was alarmed when the pilot announced on our arrival "its 8.30 now in Sydney"

My boarding pass said I needed to board the next flight at 8.45 for a 9.30 departure. I knew I had 15  minutes leeway… but still I was going to have to run.

In Sydney you need to go from Domestic to International by bus. Experience tells me it can take half an hour… but bless the bus, it was there as I ran down the stairs…

I have an express pass through passport control and also through security, but I was beginning to panic a little and I knew I had about a mile… (well it seemed like it) to walk to the gate.

I ran as fast as I could down corridors, round corners, down steps and finally I made it just as the doors were going to shut.

At least I had a few hours to work and relax on the plane and I admit to a little snooze.


3.30 pm we were approaching the shores of New Zealand. The water was turquoise and the trusty Iphone captured the scene.



Its green, green green here… but to be honest, I've only seen it from the inside of the plane.

My layover in Auckland, en-route to Taupo was taken up with locating a missing bag. At first I thought it was my quilt bag, but when I arrived at the hotel I find it was my clothes.

Yes, I have one bag and the other should arrive in Taupo at 7.30 this morning.

The plane to Taupo is tiny…. I was worried about getting my hand luggage on but one case was strapped to the front seat…. (this is the part of the perils of travel for a quilt teacher) I was assisting the pilots !!!! you can see I sat rather close.

I was thrilled that as I walked into the  airport there was an angel in a Quilt Convention jacket….. Christine was there to meet me and transport me to the Hilton.

There are quilts hanging from the rafters and a quilted welcome which is just lovely.

Thank you Angel Christine. I was upgraded to a suite and I have a wonderful view across the lake to snow capped mountains.

Today will be a luggage retrieval day and put on the winter woolies ready for a walk.

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  1. I have a good feeling for you in NZ. How I wish I was there but I’m laid up again. Have a great time Pammy.

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