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Sulmona (AQ), 1975, ciabattino.Sulmona (AQ), 1975, ciabattino. (Photo credit: Fiore S. Barbato)

Confetti di SulmonaConfetti di Sulmona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here I am, working on my computer and organising the next tour and if you didnt know me, you would think it was my first time. I get so excited at the prospect.

"When the plane is on the runway and I am the one with the silly smile on my face, looking like I am going on my first vacation ever. As we head down the runway at full speed, I want to stand up and shout, “isn’t this the most exciting thing ever!!”.  I would probably be arrested, so I silently picture myself doing this, while I picture everyone else jumping up and down with me."  Piper Mackay photographer.

That's the way I feel. I love flying, I love the adventure and I relish the unexpected as you walk off the flight.

Tonight I have the book on India, and the book on Italy open.

But it was the USA leg that made my heart rush tonight…. "how to I get from here to here on time"?

Checking that it was logistically possible I had to book the fare immediately  to make sure we have the seats and  make the connection with plenty of time and that I arrive at my destination unfazed and with luggage in tow. It pays to know the airports you're traveling through.!!!

I'll leave the rest up to the Travel Agent.

Then there's Italy

Abruzzo, the area, it even sounds romantic. The town I will be teaching in is two and a half hours from Rome by train.

Its going to be fascinating. But I have to stay calm, and get Dubai and India over first….!!!

I think a lot of the enjoyment is in the planning though.

Changing the subject.

It is difficult getting photos into my blog when traveling, so forgive me for adding them to my web pages.. its so much easier.

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