It hasn’t been straight forward designing today

It hasn't been  straight forward designing today.. Normally, I just draw the quilt or block and make it… but…

XXXXX Patience Pamela

I thought I would use EQ7 to design the quilt and I had a great a range of fabrics that I purchased last year that seemed to fit the genre.

I have a PC  laptop that has EQ7 installed and I keep it in the house in the upstairs room to work on in the evenings so it means going in and out of the studio.

I couldn't find the exact fabrics in "stash" in EQ7, so I collected images from the fabric companies and installed them on the lap top in EQ7.

Temporary Poster



These are the fabrics I wanted to work with.

I have a few Kaffe fabrics but most of them are Terri Mangat designed fabric.



This is the base for the applique images.

Strange, I know but they work.

This quilt is designed for three classes, one I'll be teaching next month, the other to be taught on a cruise in late January and finally I will be part of our Charity Event.

Believe it or not it can be done completely by hand.

On the other hand for the beginners in Dubai, they can  use a machine and also do some by hand when I leave.

New quilt
Its busy, its crazy, its based on some of my illustrations and I think it will work.(who knows until I do it.)

The outside block are some I designed in 2008.

Village 3

The strange house in the center will be a little different… but I'm sure it will work.

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