working on the projects.

I just realized that last Sunday evening I was in Auckland, I stayed in a hotel at the airport and got up at 4.00 am Monday to catch the plane home, Melbourne Adelaide.

To be honest it seems an age ago and I've sure fitted in a lot this week as well as catching up on, well, everything really.

I only have another 4 weeks and 2 days home, so I've prepared 3 projects to complete before I leave again.

The quilt I shared last night is fun, but it doesn't actually look the same as the quilt I designed on the computer, I changed the house in the feature block. I think I mentioned last night that I was going to do that.


preparing the roof for illustration.

So I opted for this house… I had seen one similar in a drawing somewhere, but this is my take, the red and white arms, legs and exaggerated  shape remind me of the Alphabet.

Once its illustrated it looks totally different. The roof, arms door and windows were illustrated on cream fabric with pigment ink.

I also changed the configuration of the trees on the top of the block.

I've added the flowers to the main block but they're not ironed down yet I need to  buy some black fabric tomorrow for the sashing.

The blocks around the edge of the quilt look super, I thought I might cut out flowers from fabric for the center, but in reality, the circles and the shape add a different dimension to the quilt, so circles it will be.

The other project I'm working on is a thread painting.

It looks a bit strange right now, but it will be black and white and the cat will have bright green eyes. The snippets on the bottom of the picture will be lightly blended with thread and soften the edge.

Its hard to explain, but its in my head. Now I just need a few more hours in the day.

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