Cats eyes.

I worked on the blocks around the House Quilt today and then began to quilt the the cat quilt.


I need to work on the threadpainting during the day, the light is better, but the first thing I wanted to do was to  change the color  the eyes to blue green.

Which I did by painting them in the computer.

I printed the picture of the eyes out quite large so I could copy the color more accurately.


I'm using 40 weight magnfico Superior thread, single stitch I'm happy with them. Thy need to be the feature of the quilt.

You can't tell from this photo but I've quilted almost all of the light color and I've finished the eyes.

I'm using tiny stitches following the angle of the fur. Some are just an eighth of an inch long, many of them are a single thread, you can't stitch back over them because they get too thick and look like a stitch rather than an illustration.

Oh, well I have a whole day to work tomorrow so I should get quite a bit done.



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