Cat, Cat, Quilt.

I've worked in the studio all day, but a  chest infection has held me back from going full pelt.

cough, cough. Its the gifts our Grandies give us… !!!

I concentrated on the cat quilt today and I got quite a bit completed. I'm blessed with having 3 Janomes' set up on the big table. I have the same foot on each machine, a combination free motion foot with the open toe component. One has grey thread on it, one has black and the other cream, so I just go from one to the other.

It means I can layer thread over the top of the previous  color sewn.



You might notice that I've illustrated and colored images in the background, behind the cats head.

put the quilt over my light box and the pattern of the base fabric
showed through which made it easy to see and trace through to the fabric
the cat is on.

Now its looking more dimensional. I'm not really sure how its going to be finished… I don't have a plan, I just go with the flow.

She looks pretty darn realistic. I'm rather happy with it.


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  1. Love how this is turning out. The kitty does look like its poking its head out of a hole in a wall.
    It looks a lot like our kitty that passed after giving us such love and fun after 16 years.
    I may have to try my own interpretation of your idea. I hope you don’t mind.

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