Thank you for the day.




It was a sunny Saturday today.  For the first time this winter I was able to turn the heaters off.

Yesterday was a day with no work. I had further surgery on my face and I'm now faced with another 50 stitches. Its nothing sinister although it looks like it.

The Melanoma in situ that I had removed from my face 4 months ago is completely gone, is very safe, but the cancer clinic insist that the plastic surgeon take the margin they suggested 5 mm instead of .6 so I had to have it done again.

I was just getting the feeling back in my face again.

This time its painful and I'm using painkillers.

It healed so well last time, I'm sure this time will be the same.

That aside. I now have a unintentional face lift and he will do the other side to match XXXXXX eventually. I'll give it a rest for a while.

I concentrated on the cat quilt today. I probably have another day of quilting the background and then I'm going to applique a surprise onto the quilt that will give it a whole new dimension… I may get it done tomorrow.. but we have a birthday party so that takes priority.

I'm thrilled with the cat itself…. it opens a whole new genre to me. The sky is the limit.


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