The Soul of a Quilter.

My time at home with the family has been precious.


Cooking our favorite food. 

Sitting quietly with a 2 year old Grandie who's story is the most important thing right at that very moment.

Birthday parties, the extraordinary dance concerts and shopping trips.


Then there is being in my studio and  working on more than one thing at a time.

Sleeping in my own bed and wearing winter slippers.(not in bed)

Which brings me to my main subject.

Our friend, Libby Lehman who suffered an aneurism some months ago.

Often I find myself sitting quietly and putting myself in her place. I just can't imagine it, so all of the above is very special to me and I wonder how we can make it just a little easier for their family.

So Hence this poster.

I invite you to join me on a Fundraising cruise for Libby.

Join us for an amazing trip in January. You will have a ball.

You will have 4 teachers, I figure you usually pay $100 or more for a class, but for $1198 you get 4 fabulous classes, 7 days at sea…. all the amazing food you can eat and our scintilating company.!!!!!! woooow.



You will see sights you've never seen before and get wonderful inspiration.

So escape winter and join us. Its only a phone call away.

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