“Now thats strange” you say

4 days away, woow what a luxury.

"Now thats strange" you say….."You're always away"

Yes, I am but there is always a work component attached, and I suppose I will do a little work this time but no scheduled work.

We're off to Brisbane to see the British Quilt Exhibition  Quilts 1700-1945.

The biggest draw card for me will be to see the Rajah Quilt on loan from the National Gallery.

"The Rajah quilt is one of Australia’s most important textiles, and a major focus of the National Gallery of Australia’s Australian textiles collection. While it is a work of great documentary importance in Australia’s history, it is also an extraordinary work of art; a product of beauty from the hands of many women who, while in the most abject circumstances, were able to work together to produce something of hope.

Its story is one of hope and persistence, and has been a central subject of study into colonial life since its rediscovery in 1987. On its border is a stitched inscription which gives us an insight into the circumstances of the makers"


So its a 3.30 am start and then time spent with friends on arrival.

I admit to taking a case of work….. (just in case)

I have an illustration to finish, editing to do and a book to review so I won't be bored on the 3 hour flight.

Next post will be from Brisbane.

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