Good morning Studio.



I slide the door open with a familiar action and I'm greeted by the sound of rain on the brick pavement outside.

Lambswool uggboots, my dressing gown wrapped tightly around my shoulders, I hunch against the rain with fleeting mild annoyance.

The soft fabric is protective and comforting.

Head bowed in the dark, the water bounces at my feet as I venture out.

Walk 10 feet, the rain drops find a way to drip onto my lenses, inevitably, annoyingly.

With a startle the security light comes on and captures the fall of the drops, not straight, slighly curved on their downwood flight.

The familiar key in hand I open the door of the studio and walk into the color, the warmth and the familiar smell of the place I have held so dear for years.

How many hours have I spent here in my shed, my studio, my sanctury, my creative space.

Its another ordinary busy day.



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