Working on the Bayeux,

There are times when I'm unable to work on my major Project, "The Bayeux Tapestry to Quilt" (to be honest, lots of time)

But I have a lot of extra curricular work with this project so I can take work with me on the road.

I have reference books on my Ipad and I've just taken delivery of 3 new books.

The Handfasted Wife, The story of Edith Swanneck  beloved with of Harold Godwinson – by Carol McGrath. 

The man behind the Bayeux Tapestry. Odo William the Conquerors Half-brother by Trevor Rowley.

The Bayeux Tapestry, New Approaches. Proceedings of a conference at the British Museum.


The three books are very different, one is a novel and the other two are reference books.

I write in my books, I make notes and then add the notes to the computer. It annoys my husband… he doesn't cope with the scribbles in new books.

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  1. They are not scribbles, they are called annotations.

  2. Annotations? When I was younger, I used to underline and annotate everything, but not every thought was significant or insightful, so now I’m more circumspect.
    Bishop Odo did such terrible things in his life, exemplified by the Harrying of the North (which he led twice: in 1069-70 and again in 1080), the mass murder of unarmed civilians, and plundering and pillaging peasants and churches indiscriminately on a massive scale for personal profit.
    So, while the motivation for commissioning the Bayeux tapestry was surely self-aggrandisement as much as anything else, it is a beautiful embroidery, which is one legacy worth admiring.
    Pam, you mentioned that the hands are very expressive, so I deduce that when designing and making the quilt, you contemplate the experiences and thoughts of each person you are depicting?

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