A day in the studio

I tried so hard to have an entire day in the studio today… I started at 4.00 am, but I kept getting distracted and whipping off to do other things.

I had to make a Harry Potter tie for Tilly…for book week tomorrow. She is going as a cross between Harry Potter and Hermione. The entire family have been looking for her outfit.

I'm working on my last project for this home stay (well last two actually)

I was taken with some paintings I saw in this style in Santa Fe earlier this year. Could I do something like that in fabric? So I gave it a go.

I loved the division of color for the background and I've used Cherry wood fabric to create that.

My wolf was drawn and then I painted it with pigment ink on white fabric. Its effectively dyed not painted.

Once it was colored and it had dried I fused the back of it and it was cut out as an applique.Now I'm thread painting it…


I also love the external line around the image.. it took a while to work out how I was going to achieve that but it looks quite good.

If I can finish it, this is my donation piece for the silent auction in Houston.

The other quilt is the house quilt.

I'm working on the border blocks right now.I've used a combination of wool felt and fabric and appliqued them down with a small blanket stitch.

There's a lot more to do on these blocks with 6 more pieces of applique on each block… but I'm getting there.

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