A day off helps.

I had a day off today.

Its good in a way, I can stand back and take a fresh look at what needs to be done before traveling

The problem is each day this week I've been asked to do extra things that take a lot of time and I have to do them all 'Now'

So the day off helps the panic subside and I see things just a little differently.

I'm not complaining that I have so many wonderful opportunites offered to me, its just that I wish I had more hours in the day.


I had a family day today. I spent time with my Brother and Sisters. Lunch with some of the grandies, my niece and our children.

Its rare and its precious.


Being away from home for 3 months takes a lot of planning and its not without some trepidation at leaving the family.

However, as soon as I step on that plane I'm in another world. In another place. In a different zone.

I leave for Dubai in a week, then on to India and Italy so I'm going to have a lot of photos and interesting things to share.

The difficulty is, that I can't use this blog in Dubai for some reason so I have to switch to another format.

India has been a dream for some time and I'm excited at the prospect. I've loaded the bag with potions and pills, got clothes for 98% humidity, the cameras are ready and I'm anxious to begin.

But before that we have a birthday party, Fathers Day, a family sadness to come to terms with, dinners, meetings and the hairdresser…. the nails can wait till Dubai.

In essence its all tied in with my being career in quilting. Its part of my life and I embrace it with passion, the good and the minor stresses.


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