The countdown is on. 

I'm sharing this video, because it just makes me smile. So much talent for  a 5 year old. Watch her body language.

I've watched it several times now and I just wanted to share it.

Well the countdown is on and this time next week I will have left these shores for a 3 month tour. I'm going to be doing so many exciting things that I can scarcely take it in.

Just a little was planned, a lot was offered and and right now I'm giving it my all.

Sunday is the first day of spring and those words bring an image of daffodils and blossom.

Of course we will be in summer when we return and I selfishly wish the cold behind me.

This last weekend is a big family affair with birthdays and Fathers day celebrations. I'm still working well into the wee hours to complete classes and other preparations.

So today I had to dye 30 panels with a sky image for a class.


It had its problems because I had to hang them in the studio to dry, it was too windy outside.


So there they all are hanging neatly in my studio.

It reminds me of when I hung the nappies on the line. I had to have them all in order and I just used to stand there look at them and think. "They look so nice."

Strange but true, I think there is something satisfying about seeing you washing on the line.

Mostly it twirls around in the dryer these days.

And when I travel I have to wash the clothes in the shower….!!!

The studio has been filled with sunlight and the sounds of Handel for most of the day. I find music is a great when I'm quilting. It just seems to flow a little better.

Skies done… and this is the project they will be working on.

The quilting on the bottom is fun to do and the images were from my photographs when I visited a National Park in Utah.

_MG_5758 (1)

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