Happy Fathers Day My Dad.

Fathers day today.

I miss my Dad, he died in tragic circumstances some years ago.

He is still the most talented man I have known. He was a composer, a musician, and he made the most beautiful things from miniature steam engines to beautiful guitars.

Happy Fathers Day my Dad.

Our big day was yesterday with a family gathering and today was just a little quieter. Home made hamburgers for the big Grandies and their parents.

I spent most of the day doing paper work and editing. Ugggg. I feel the panic rising. Its so easy to make a mistake.

Despite fighting the urge, I ended up packing Keith's case even though he's not meeting me for 3 weeks. He forgets to put important things in like!!!!!! well I'll just leave it there.


Its also Wattle Day today. Everything is covered in yellow until the next rain comes.


This is the symbol of Australia. Our National Flower.

On Wattle Day

On bushes and trees on the first day of Spring
The nesting songbirds chirp and whistle and sing
In the darkness of midnight as the rain drizzled down
The Goddess of Spring she crept into town
The Spring has arrived in Australia for her three months stay
On the first of September known as Wattle Day
The rain in the morning gave way to sunshine
And the rest of the day may be sunny and fine
The wattle trees cloaked in their bright yellow flowers
They came to bloom in late Winter in the rain driven showers
With the arrival of Spring an abundance of green
And wildflowers known to some as weeds everywhere to be seen
The mealaleucas in their blooms of pink to gray
For beauty compete with the wattles on Wattle Day.

Francis Duggan


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