Kuala Lumpur.

Its quiet.  People are talking in low voices and there are more attendants than patrons here in the First Class lounge. No, i’m not traveling first class, but my Qantas status gives me first class privileges and I’ve finished the first leg of my trip and I have 8 hours till I catch the next flight to Dubai.
In actual fact, there was no first class on the plane… just business class and economy.
I’m not sure that Malaysian is as good as Qantas business class… but to be honest. I’m just pleased to have the space and the privacy.
The food, however was wonderful. Traditional Malaysian Satays for lunch and a delicious breakfast.

In the past 3 weeks I’ve worked every spare minute I could and  I couldn’t even think about work on the plane so I relaxed, watched a movie and slept. 
Enforced rest. 
The clouds were amazing when I left home, they were like waves of grey rippling across the sky. 
They were even more interesting from the top.
When I was in South Africa last year, the maid at the guest house quietly came up to me and said. “Ma’am I want to ask you a question”
I was a little anxious about what she was going to say.
“What do the clouds look like when you’re above them,” she said quietly. “I can’t imagine how beautiful they must be.” and she’s right. I see her image every time I wonder at the beauty of the clouds.

How lucky am I to be able to see the clouds from this vantage point. I could almost reach out and touch them.
We flew over Lake Eyre (I think) it was huge. The pure white salt encrusted land had pools of turquoise water blending into the landscape. It was quite spectacular to view from the plane. Its been a dream of mine to go and photograph it when it is flowing.
This image is of the coast as we finally left Australia..
I was really lucky the day was clear and I was able to photograph it.
Now I need to go for a walk and I might be lucky enough to have a leg massage, just because I can

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