Designing on the road.


Yesterday, before the rest of the house stirred I was working in my sisters studio.
You know what its like, catching up on emails, sending off information and checking on the family’s comings and goings.
It’s a ritual, no matter where I am. 
Today I happen to be in Ras el Khaimah in the UAE.
Sitting at the desk, was joined by a very vocal cat called Pushy, short for Pushkin.

I grabbed the camera and ‘snap, snap,’ capture his face, capture his legs and feet. Capture the things you see.
But I loved this   photo its funny and would make a great quilt.


I could quilt it in a realistic format like this image… but I think that the comedic stance of the image in the photo deserves a more flamboyant stye.
I’ve recently finished a piece that would be a perfect genre for Pushies Patonka..

I would love to teach this technique, but it needs a base image and  considering that I drew the wolf onto fabric with pigment ink it possibly would be difficult for some students to do that in class. Well maybe I should say it would be a little confronting for the average student.
How can I get around it.?
I thought maybe I could prepare the image, and have it printed on fabric for students in class…
But at breakfast yesterday I was sharing some apps with Sister Jan and I think I’ve found an easier way.


I have an app on my iPad called foolproof.
It basically uses one of your photos and  you cover the image with virtual paint and it gives you an impressionist painting in seconds.
I loved the color combinations, and the fact that I could follow the lines of the image with paint strokes that could then be converted to stitch.

These are the sort of things I can plan as I travel… so this is just a small insight into the design and creative process.

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  1. Bev Longford says:

    Oh so much fun, on my way upstairs to get my iPad, want to play too.
    Thanks once again for all the info you share.
    Bev Longford

  2. Jane LaFazio says:

    Love love love both versions of kitty!!!!

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