Morning Walk.

When the air is still, and the smell of the morning greets me through the open door I love to spend time by myself, either going for a walk or sitting  and enjoying a cup of coffee in the garden.
I woke early this morning and worked on the computer and I suddenly had the urge to go outside.
I left a note for the family, gathered the cameras and took off. The air was like a warm hug.
It was 5.30 am and the sun was tipping the horizon.
There were  a small number of people out and about.
A man in  a bright orange boiler suit was sweeping the pavement. He was probably from India or Pakistan. I figured it was better to work in the early morning than in the mid day sun. We nodded politely to each other… I would love to have taken his photo, but it just didn’t seem right.
The sun began to rise over the mountains, the world was turned orange and it was absolutely magical.
The sun reflected off the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the finials glowed in the early sunlight.
I walked for an hour or so and photographed the sun rising over the river, I met women in their black Abayahs.
The garment called an “Abayah”  covers the body from the shoulders down to feet. Under this cover she could be wearing a traditional Arabian dress, “thawb”, or she could be wearing the latest style designer clothes. In addition to the Abayah, a very conservative woman would wear a face and head cover. Some women would wear the Abayah without the head and face cover, while others might wear a scarf-like cover called “Hejab” to cover the hair only and not the face. 
I arrived back at the house just in time for breakfast feeling rather warm, I can only imagine how hot those ladies were exercising in those long garments.


Jan and I went out shopping for pens and a sketch book…. Oh my goodness I’ve never seen so many pens and pencils in one place. I was spoiled for choice. AND the price was very reasonable.
Lunch today was a treat. A falafel sandwich, It was delicious…. We had them when we went to the camel races and I managed to eat two of them for breakfast. So today we ordered three for the two of us…. and I ate two by myself and then felt guilty all afternoon.
Its Middle Eastern take away and it cost us $2.40 for the two of us for lunch.
The mint and the hot chili and pickles on the table are additives.

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  1. Deborah Lynagh says:

    Pam, I love your blog! You share so much. I attended a talk you gave (must have been in the 1990s) where you talked about your family & textile journeys. I now know how much more you squeeze into your life & feel very privileged to be vicariously sharing your adventures. I have many questions, almost daily – in fact, but as I see your beautfiul images today I can’t help being amazed by your fearless walks in foreign places. Do you ever feel unsafe?

    1. Pamela K Holland says:

      Deborah, thanks so much for your kind comments…
      Well, I guess we’re not going to be safe in India, and I was mugged in South Africa… but you know sometimes its not safe walking the streets at home or in the USA. However, here in the UAE (United Arab Emirates its perfectly safe…there is little or no crime here at all.

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