Fun and Friendship in class


This is how you use the pens says Pamela

My feet are telling me…. “go to bed and rest” 
My brain is still firing on all cylinders but we leave early in the morning. so I need to do the sensible thing.
We had a great class today, casual, friendly and I love seeing how the students interpret my ideas.

Some had never used a machine, some had never quilted. Some had sewn and some just did it.       Fabulous. 
David says he’s going to quilt all day tomorrow and practice. 
Its friday and it’s the weekend here in Ras el Khaimah. Friday and Saturday. However, many of the  workers only have one day off, Friday.
On the way to dinner tonight 100’s of young men were walking into town… some came from long distances,   there is no public transport, there is only one way to get to town, walk.
Many were buying groceries, the movie theatre was packed… the barber, and Dr were busy and seems that the where we were dining in town was  a general meeting place.
Its interesting, you find a high class restaurant next to the car repair shop, then there’s a furniture store etc, etc…. Its just a little different.
Young men in their finest clothes, pure white shalwar kameez (a long top over loose pants) and checkered neck scarf gathered in groups to chat or do what young me do I guess. 
It was interesting.
But now I need to sleep ready for yet another exciting experience tomorrow.
India. First stop New Delhi.

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  1. Mary says:

    Hi Pam,
    Love the picture and the thought of you sharing your tallents around the world. I read your article in The Quilt Life on fabric in Thailand and really enjoyed it and the pictures! What a wonderful world of color and texture we live in!
    Thanks again for all that you do!

    1. Pamela K Holland says:

      Mary, thank you. We are so lucky.

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