Its more than I imagined.

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When you’re preparing for travel you have an image in your mind of the things you are going to see…. However, the sights and sounds we encountered yesterday were more than I imagined.


We’re staying at the very beautiful Claridges Hotel.
Our rooms are very luxurious and it’s so nice to have a haven to return to after the heat and bustle of the day. The area we’re situated in happens to be one of the nicest areas in New Delhi. Then again, its where our tour company decided to put us in.

Our first stop was the National Gandhi Museum which happened to be just down  the street from  the hotel.
It was just 10.00 am and walking to the museum, we were introduced to the heat of the day. Perspiration just drips from my forehead but the locals looked the same so I didn’t feel so bad.
Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on 30 January 1948. Shortly after his death, collectors began searching India for anything of importance about Gandhi. Originally the personal items, newspapers, and books related to Gandhi were taken to Mumbai. In 1951, the items were moved to buildings near the Kota House in New Delhi. 
Its an interesting place to visit, quiet and peaceful despite the words that depict the journey that Gandhi carried  the Nation to experience.
The patterns on the ceiling and walls of one of the buildings tells the entire story as a visual collage. It was almost impossible to capture and I need to research it more to understand a little better.
This was our first venture out and it was exhilarating… I just can’t believe we are in India. The heat, the smells, the sounds of the horns bleating constantly and the 1000’s of people moving en masse.
We met Anju, One of the leading lights in Quilting in New Delhi and she took us out to a South Indian lunch. The locals were there, she said it was like fast food in India.
Families  streamed through the door  and it was soon filled with chatter and the sounds of spoons on plates. Everything was delicious an Anju explained each dish in detail. My favorite was the coriander and mint sauce shown here in the middle of the photo.

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