On the way to Jaipur.

The driver picked us up from our hotel at a reasonable hour.
Early mornings, busy days and nights out take their toll eventually.
It took a long time to get through the city. One can barely describe how hectic the traffic is.
Into the countryside.
We drove past fields of corn. The outer perimeter was dotted with small blue triangle tents set out in the blaring sun. The blue plastic set against the green of the tall corn and the workers in their red garments makes for  a truly romantic image, but of course the reality is very different.
Then again, I just saw dozens of women in their stunning saris sifting through fields of plastic rubbish
We had to stop for herds of cows on the road, you  wind down the window, the heat streams in and the smells follow. The keepers yell at us and wave their formidable sticks in the air.
Further on, in a huge field I saw the colors of  100’s of tents, they are the portable homes of the cow herders. 
The cows and their keepers are on the move to  winter pastures.
Trucks are numerous and to our inexperience eyes they seem to be relics of the 50s, each truck begs you to honk your horn as you pass… Some even give  instruction on how to do so.
 They have to be off the road at 6.00 am and can return again at 9.00 pm… In the meantime they languish on the side of the road in the heat, of the day.
I can only imagine what the roads are like after dark.
Lunch was at the local truck truck stop Moti Mahal. We had been traveling for three hours and this lady with add had a little difficulty sitting still in the car for such along time, it was far from boring. the cameras clicked in chorus, the verbal exclamations were many and short bursts  of description from our guide punctuated the passing minutes.
The food was inedible, I think they washed it in disinfectant… have you ever eaten tofu that tasted like Jasol?

Cross that baby off the list.
We drove for hours…
Are we there yet?
But there was so much to see. I filmed a little, the others photgraphed and it all happened as we passed by
It was more than interesting, it was astounding. 6 hours of visual blessings.
We saw so much. The inspiration flows and I’m almost lost for words…
I’ve had to come down to the lobby of the resort to post this. 
We each have our own villa. They are beautiful.
There is a lounge area, a huge bedroom with a domed ceiling, a bathroom fit for a king. An outside shower, bath and gazebo for massage.
Look up the Tree of life, Jaipur. ours are the villas at the top of the photo.
I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, each day is a surprise, each day is a gift.
Time for dinner, so no more today.

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  1. You are now in my favourite city on earth. You are about to experience something wonderful, enjoy.

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