Almost there.

Sitting in the airport waiting to go to Varanasi.
We had to say goodbye to our driver. He guided us through some difficult traffic conditions…on Tuesday we drove for 12 hours and he had tears in his eyes when we left.
Its been a little like keystone cops getting to the departure lounge, well I can’t call it a lounge… more like a warehouse.
My notes are below.
A yellow phone is  hanging at a peculiar angle on the wall. Next to that are 3 variations of red fire extinguishers, all at different angles.
 The signs on the wall are for the  security guards… don’t accept bribes. Don’t push or shove the people. There is a picture of a woman with a bag on her head and the sign says
 “Dont bring frown on your head bring them to our notice”
Theres a drop box with a big typed sign inviting us to add comments.
Sister Jan has been standing at the security counter for the past 10 minutes asking if they could  put more toilet paper in the rest room.
There was no paper, but a frog in Luana’s toilet stall.

Now you know we are quilting travelers, we’ve got luggage, we were told we could have 25kg of luggage… but late yesterday it was revised to 15 kg. Gees Louise.
Despite this airline being aligned with Qantas we were told that it didn’t apply to luggage, so with 22 kgs I handed over $20 for excess.!!!!

The surprise was that the plane was lovely, we had super seats and the flight was super.
We soared through white monsoonal clouds and  landed amid fields of green patchwork rice fields.

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  1. Mary says:

    Your pictures today and yesterday are an amazing burst of color and people – thanks for sharing your travels with us- can’t wait to see what you are up to next!!

  2. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Pam, You must really feel at home there…. no matter what the task, the women are still wearing their vibrant colors and bling! : ) The kids’ dark eyes and spectacular smiles really melt your heart.

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