This is the luggage of a Quantity of Quilters (and some of their husbands) as we arrived in Sulmona. late yesterday afternoon.

 We left Rome at about 2.30 pm yesterday. Keith and I arrived early and waited at the train station it was a good place to watch the world walk by. We moved on up to a small cafe that was bustling with passengers, it was hot, busy and the radio was loud and dramatic. The smell of food and coffee was great, but I still had my little flask of gorgeousness (cappuccino from the hotel) that carries me through the day.


Eventually, the rest of the crew arrived and introductions were made. Can you believe it, we’re all Aussies.It took a few hours to get here and we wound our way through the mountains to the  city  of Sulmona  passing villages that perched on mountain tops and hillsides dressed in rows of Olive trees and vines.  
The city is famous for its ‘Confetti” they are the small sugared almonds that we use for weddings… but here they are a riot of color and made into many forms of decoration… I particularly liked the bunches of violet ones.

And so our adventure begins today.

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