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Its early morning, I have ABC Adelaide radio on my computer so I can keep in touch with home. Dawn has broken and I open the computer to the world.
There are a list of requests to be acted on and news from home and overseas.
Its all quite amazing when I’m in a Villa in the countryside two hours out of Rome.

Today is the second day of our class.
Yesterday we walked the town of Sulmona and took photos of subjects we might consider putting into a textile art piece.


We began with an introduction to photography in class and then  coffee in the sun at a cafe in Sulmona about 6 kms from our Villa.

A walk through the streets is like walking back in time.
Tall buildings face onto cobblestone streets which are narrow and peaceful. Sometimes I think that I’m in a living documentary. It all has a sense of unreality.

I was going to walk with each student but we all ended up in different directions. I felt that it was important that each person selected their own subject. However, they didn’t know I was keeping check.
Half an hour for coffee, 2 hours walking and then it was time for lunch which takes time to savor and sup.
The walk around was an integral part of the class and I was happy that each person 
achieved their goal in taking photos… Some have serious cameras others have point and shoot or an iPhone. The skill is in composition and capture and then there is also a more difficult skill to put in place and that is to create from the capture.
To some people it comes easy, others find it more difficult but thats what I’m here for to ease them into a creative experience. 
We’re not in an Australian class room, or indeed structured in the USA, we’re in a foreign country and at times it has its challenges and thats the way is should be, but I’m happy with the progress we made on the first day. A huge part of the experience here in Abruzzo, is simply being here and living the life, creating and experiencing a life very different to our homes.
Averil and Bruce, the co-ordinators have been wonderful hosts as have our chefs and care givers.

We took a long walk in the countryside after 5.00 last evening, It was just delightful to walk, chat and enjoy the company of like minded people… thanks ladies.
Day dawned today bright pink. It was amazing for just a few minutes. .
Breakfast at 8.00 and we had class all day, with a break for a long lunch.
Each person has settled into their project. My classes are not process classes, (put this bit with this bit and sew it.)  You can do that at home.
But taking the images captured yesterday each person is approaching their quilt in a different way, they are embodying the spirit of the images they have seen and enjoyed.
There has been a lot of laughter, serious discussion and our husbands had a day out sightseeing.
Another adventure this evening came in the form of a cooking class. Mr Keith who has difficulty boiling water tried his hand at pasta making, having to break an egg into the flour and kneading it with a grimace at getting his hands dirty.
I was really impressed by our men, they did enjoy themselves and gave it a go.
Our able chef, shared his ideas with passion and flare and it was absolutely  delightful.

Our chef.



I wasn’t going to finish this blog tonight, but I decided I needed to because we have an amazing day ahead of us tomorrow.

So goodnight, my friends, don’t count what you have lost,
Just see what you have now, because the past never returns, but sometimes the future can give you back the things you thought you had lost in a special way.

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  1. Sue Atlas says:

    Hey Pam: I’m just wondering if I could get you on the phone so we could talk about SD. My Skype #619-663-3215. Love all your pictures. How did Keith’s pasta come out?

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