A wash out.

I’ve spent the past couple of hours catching up on ‘stuff’
Now its time for dinner and a party is under way. A birthday party and we are all invited. There is to be music, dancing and fireworks I believe.
I had so much to do last night, I was up till after 1.00 am then at 4.00 all heck let loose as a thunderstorm shook the buildings. So I think I need to go to bed early tonight, but I don’t see that happening.
It rained all day. Our visit to the local market was a wash out… so I took no photos at all for the first time in 4 weeks.
The stall holders did their best to keep everything dry, but the rain fell in a torrent. My feet were soaked,. the socks and sneakers were floating in water.
We ended up squashed in a crowd under a cover by a coffee shop. I was freezing, but a good strong coffee sure helped.
Despite the weather, the spirits were high and we continued with class for the rest of the day.
A cooking class was scheduled for the evening and guided passionaltely by chef Pinot we made pasta and chicken. It was hilarious to see the men so involved. Keith, who never cooks had to put his and into the dough and kneed it.!!!

Our chef.

It was rather funny, but the serious side of making ones own pasta was fascinating.
I’m not a great fan of pasta, but it wasn’t too bad… we all tucked into the results.

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