I’ve seen you before

Its quiet. 
The train moves at hight speed past graffiti covered walls.
Fields of sunflowers in their last days turn their heads to the ground 
Historic buildings,with blank windows hiding all that went on behind them over the centuries.
Olive trees in rows of soft blue green and empty corn fields whizz past at an alarming rate.
Its comfortable in a slick sort of way. Grey leather seats, a fold out table, A fancy toilet and a gal who comes through the cabin with drinks…. but NO, don’t ask for another one when she comes through two hours later. “You’ve had one” she said indignantly.”
The Older English couple in the seat opposite are straight out of a sit com I think.
When the attendant asked her if she would like a drink, our English neighbor said. “speak English” “no said the young girl you need to learn to speak Italian” !! The lady has commiserated about everything, I think is so funny, “they talk to fast” etc, etc. Yes, I’ve seen her before n TV I’m sure but I think she’s enjoying her holiday in her own way.

Its going to rain in Venice…. darn it, but we’ll make the mst f i

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