Tapestries and murals as inspiration for Quilters.

I’m a textile artist.
I guess I have been for as long as I can remember in one way or another. 
I subconsciously look at images as fabric and illustration. Yesterday I visited the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum, 
They originated as a group of sculptures collected by Pope Julius II (1503-1513) and placed in what today is the “Cortile Ottagono” within the museum complex. 
The Museums also include the Gallery of Tapestries, a collection of various 15th and 17th century tapestries and it was here that I discovered the most treasured of all tapestries.
Armed with  two cameras I battled the crowds of tourists to capture the images I liked most.
The detail is extraordinary, but other than that, the angles of the bodies was so different to other tapestries I’d seen.
Considering this is a tapestry not a painting and that each thread of shading is woven I’m in awe of the artist.
I love looking at these photos in detail. I love his eyebrows, the creases around his eyes, his curls and the intensity of his hair.
I’ve manipulated it in the computer to enhance the detail.
Just taking a small portion of the tapestry creates an interesting image, I don’t know what this is. I just loved the shape and the color.

The way the shadow is implemented on this tapestry is very effective..

The images below are close ups of the maps Frescoes in the Gallery of Maps, decorated under the pontificate of Gregory XIII (1572-1585) and restored by Urban VIII (1623-1644)

I love the way they have captured the waves in this piece.
Time to log out and prepare for our next adventure. We meet our Son, his wife and little Theo who is arriving from Moscow today. We are having a holiday in Tuscany for the next 10 days…… heaven.
I have fabric to illustrate packed and I’ll work on illustrations. (hopefully)

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  1. Lois Bruno says:

    Do you think the artist who created that bee had any idea how inspiring his/her design might be to FMQer’s in 2013? Amazing!

  2. Laura says:

    I love the stories which they tell, The Cloth of St Gereon is a great one to decipher!

  3. Pamela K Holland says:

    Laura,, thanks for the information, I will look more into the Cloth of St Gereon.

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