2 months on the road.

I’ve been traveling for almost 2 months now. Dubai, India and Italy. So far, I’ve lost one pair of shoes and I think I’ve thrown away my antique linen purchased in Italy by mistake glad  It only cost me 3 Euros !!!!
I’ve replaced the shoes with two more pairs. (good deal) I’m sure new fabric will come my way here in Houston and   –    best of all I’ve met 1000’s of wonderful people along the way. Thank you to my friends in class in Sulmona.

Sister Jan and I at the Taj Mahal.

In Dubai, I collected a lot of fabric, plain cottons in gorgeous colors  at the Indian fabric shop.
I’ve traveled with my Sister for the first time in my life…. and we’re so darn similar in likes it made it so darn easy and a pleasure. Friend Luana is our adopted sister too now and we made a super team.
I’ve seen sunrises to take your breath away.

Good morning Ras El Kaimah

And sunsets to calm the spirit and make you pleased to be alive.

Good night Ras El Khaimah

Jan and I experienced traveling in a huge dust storm. The wind blew from the desert and dumped its sandy deposit with a vengeance on the road and on all who ventured out.


A worker on the docks in Dubai Creek.

Invitations, I have many. To share a meal on a trading boat in Dubai creek with some of the sailors.
“Hello Sailor”
A Quilting project with the UN in Italy in 2014.
An Exhibition in Houston in 2014 and a special project in the USA in 2015.
And I’m excited to exhibit one of my quilts in a prestigious museum in the USA in 2014.
So I have a lot of preparation to do when I go home. The quilts are being designed as I experience new things and travel.
India, was more than I imagined that I could ever experience in one life time… all packed into a 2 week journey.
I learned to be satisfied and grateful for all that I have and I learned humility in the 
art of being happy.

I’ve seen more color combinations than you gain from a color wheel and trust me I’m going to use them to the best of my ability.
In Italy I learned that all that is new is not necessarily the best, the artists of the past have left us a story to unfold with their talent and creativity. We should also echo their expression in our own way.
I’ve also learned that I like salt on my bread and butter, not olive oil as it is done in Italy and I need softer beds than some of those offered.

Now its on to Houston… I take a breathe, and venture forth again today to experience new delights in the Textile art world.

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  1. Betty Hunt says:

    Pam your travel log photo’s are wonderful I feel I have been there along with you! Just noticed the little red aerials on the houses in one of your pictures…like red lollypops!

  2. Ron Coveney says:

    And why do you now want salt and butter in your bed I wonder? What has Keith been up to?

    1. Pamela K Holland says:

      Ron, thats hilarious… don’t you love spell check….

  3. peggyabass says:

    pam your words and your pictures are always always always such an inspiration to me personally….all my love and the best..peg

  4. Francie says:

    I love following your travels. You make it so colourful and I feel as if I am travelling with you.

  5. Nedra says:

    I’m here in Houston for both Market and Festival. Hope to catch you even if it’s just for a moment!

  6. Gail Hayes says:

    This is a wonderful blog and each picture tells a story of some kind – even the one of the sandstorm made me think of an Impressionist painting o modern day subject matters. Could I ask you where the Indian shop is to be found in Dubai? I will be there in Febrruary/March and would love to go and see it and will have to take a taxi there in all probability.

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