Hows the heart so far?

In Houston when you catch a shuttle bus the topic of discussion is always, Quilts, shopping, Children and the weather back home… (wherever that may be).
Today going to the Galleria there were a different group of people and the discussion wasn’t quilts… I learned that if you expand the hole in your ear to 2″, with one of those flat disks, the hole never seals again… so I’ve decided thats not on my bucket list.
I learned the merits of shaving ones head and leaving a small tail of hair at the back… I considered it, but decided just to have a manicure, pedicure and a brow wax.
I astounded the beauty therapist by not buying all the products she thought I needed, I told her its natural to have pores in your skin…. Unnatural to fill em up with the poly filler she said was a miracle. She forgot her spiel in surprise.

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