Blackbirds in the sky.

Its early, still dark and theres a pre dawn chill in the air. Our window is 30 ft long, the full size of our suite and I never get sick of looking out and  bringing the outside in so I never close curtains.
My house doesn’t have curtains.
I lived in a satellite city called Elizabeth from the time I was ten till I married at 20. I disliked it with childish passion. It was dry, dusty and most of the occupants were English people who had paid 10 pound to immigrate and they didn’t talk like us Aussies.
My bed, next to the window looked out onto a wooden paling fence and above that was the house next door, it was just 4 feet from the house. The house had a wide chimney, and when I laid on my bed I could see the beige bricks of the chimney and the blue sky. Blackbirds played on the chimney and it was my special view for 10 years…
Its strange that things that happen in childhood should surface to form your likes and dislikes in older age.

Today I’m adding some of the images of Caryl Bryer fallerts wonderful exhibition.. a little of the Japanese exhibition and a few other quilts.

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  1. Kay says:

    Thank you so very, very much for taking the time to post your photos. They are always inspiring and educational, especially for those of us who aren’t able to be there in person.

    1. pam says:

      Kay, you’re welcome… its just lucky that I get up early and can do it in the wee hours.

  2. Katherine says:

    Pam, thank you for posting these. All the quilts and your photos are simply amazing. I almost feel like I’m there and it’s certainly got me thinking about attending Houston in 2014 🙂

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