Traveling and teaching and anxiety.

Strange but true.

One of my apprehensions  left over from my ‘Pathetically shy’ years is talking on the phone… I will do anything to avoid phone calls.
That makes life a little difficult when you are in business.
The other thing is preparing documents as I travel.
For instance, sometimes I have to send information on quilts or accept offers or fill out important forms related to my work.
I go into decline. I have a mental block and it worries me to death until its completed.
paper work is not my favorite things.
Right now I have three things I’m finding really difficult to work on.
Maybe I would find it more interesting if I drew on my paperwork like this artist did


We can lick gravity, but sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming.

Wernher von Braun


We had an interesting and busy day yesterday.
A visit to the Farmers Market and LACMA kept us on the go all day.
I love LACMA and I visit each time I come to LA if I have the time.
There is so much inspiration in one space. You can take photos and I approach it in a similar way to a quilt show. I take a close up, a full shot and then the description of the image.
I’ve amassed a  huge collection of art images, the plan is to make my own reference book.. but “One of those days”

This was one of my favorites yesterday.

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