Sundays finest.

Its Sunday and historic downtown Los Angeles has put on its sunday finest.
The sun shone, loud Mexican music was broadcast on huge speakers  and families dressed in their sunday best shared the pavement with chic  apartment owners and their small dogs and those who live on the streets.
Contrasts indeed.

We began our day at the Original Pantry
It’s  an iconic restaurant Located at the corner of 9th and figueroa. The Pantry (as it is known by locals) claims to never have closed or been without a customer since it opened in 1924, including when it changed locations in 1950 to make room for a freeway off-ramp. It served lunch in the original location and served dinner at the new location the same day.
I visited it a few years ago and was excited to be able to share the experience with Keith this morning.
We arrived just after 8.00 am and waited for almost an hour in line outside the cafe. Once inside our order was taken and arrived on our table quickly, the waiter was super efficient and we threw caution to the  wind and ate everything. It was delicious.
The noise was high, the sound of clinking china and loud conversation mixed with the smell of eggs and bacon and coffee.

It was just four or five blocks from our hotel and I took photos as we walked.
Carrying a camera like mine gives you an introduction to lots of folks… so we visited over and over again. We met Jorge and his friend…. Jorge is a radio host and asked me to take his photo and email it to him.
A dog stood on his hind legs outside the supermarket trying to catch a glimpse of his owner.

I came across this beautiful door on a derelict historic building. It was dark and dirty.. but the camera  has given it life. What stories are locked behind its facade.
I snapped this shot through the torn canvas of a building side… Graffiti images of three men warming their hands by the fire.
I love street art and I had to walk a few extra blocks to capture this image. Its so graphic and is even more dramatic in the photo than in real life.
Wall,s color images… I love the connection of these shapes.
This was the largest wall illustration of all. It’s beginning to deteriorate but its still spectacular. Imagine painting this… you can see how large it is in comparison to the size of the vehicles below.Eloy Torrez portrays Anthony Quinn as a Christian icon. With outstretched arms, slightly bent knees and head tilted to one side, Quinn has the traditional posture of Jesus on the cross. Torrez felt the small enclosed parking lot next to the wall creates a secluded, church-like setting to view the mural. The religious content is reinforced by crosses under Quinn’s arms.
The local Farmers Market was full of delicious, fruits and veggies… and interesting characters.

Imagine our surprise when we found ourselves in the middle of a religious experience. Muharram 2013.  They were paying homage to a hero Husayn who live more than 13 centuries ago.
He was the Grandson of a Prophet and rose against the oppressors of his time and set an example for all who some after him.
That wasn’t the end of our day, but I will have to add more tomorrow, its almost midnight and I need to sleep.

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