Belly rings and Toe rings.


Not for me.

I really don’t do public transport. Theres no need in our small town and the closest I get to is to get on a jet plane.
It was a really interesting trip today. The day cost us $4, but we found out later that we could have paid $2 each because we’re both over 62.
We got on the first bus. It was full with the exception of a few seats up the front.
“Reserved for Seniors and wheelchair passengers” said the sign over the seat.
“Oh goodness we have to sit in the senior seats” I thought.
An elderly lady of undetermined age was sitting opposite. “Those seats are for seniors” she snarled.
“I know, thank you” I said.
She raised her voice higher….. “I said they were for seniors and people in wheelchairs” 
“I know, lucky I’m a senior” I had to admit to her. She looked me up and down with a “Humph” and then decided to attack the young man next to me who didn’t speak english.
“You’ll have to get out of that seat in a minute” she said in a raised voice.
At the next stop, a muslim woman and her husband got on.
“Oh, there one of those covered up hussies” she grumbled. I glared at her and I was worried that she would say something when the woman sat in the seat next to Keith.
Fortunately she fell asleep until the next stop. She woke up yelling… “you’ll have to shift seats”.
Keith quietly pointed out to her that she had her bags on the only spare seat… but she feigned ignorance.

What makes some old people so crabby. I had a friend I loved dearly who used to do that and it was really uncomfortable. She thought it was her right… I sure don’t.

I saw sights today that I’ve never seen before. !!!!!!  
On the other hand we walked almost 13 ams and strangely Keith decided to fade  when we got to the end and I wanted to go shopping. !!!!

The return trip this evening began at 4.30.
The bus began to fill quickly as we progressed along the road. 
Within a short time it was full and many folk were standing. We pulled onto the freeway and moved no quicker than I could run. I couldn’t imagine traveling home in that traffic each night it took us almost 2 1/2 hours to go 16 kms.
But then again it was fascinating. People chatted, the bus was abuzz with conversation. 2 older women in the seats opposite had a conversation with a young woman as if they had known each other for years.
I loved it. The trip seemed to go faster with all the dialogue and interaction but I think its easier to catch a plane.

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