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Investigating textile art and design 

This is a piece of Indigo dyed hemp that I found in an antique textile warehouse yesterday.
 I don’t have any books on the techniques of appliqué with me of course and I can’t find much on the net, but I will go to the textile museum here later in the week an that should add some light to the ideas.
I purchased some indigo last year directly from the dyer.
Today I will investigate if further.

If you look at this old skirt. It appears the indigo was laid in a pattern (resist dyed)
The red fabric at the top of the skirt is hand appliquéd in strips following the indigo dye path.
The bottom part of this skirt is a piece of red fabric, with hand appliquéd strips, of fabric, cross stitch embroidery and a tiny hand appliqué block around the base of the skirt. Its almost like a miniature quilt. The little appliqué blocks are about 1/2″ square. !!!!

Interesting to say the least.
There is a  conglomeration of shanty tin huts by a brown fast flowing creek just out of Chiang Mai. As you walk into the darkness Its a feast for the eyes and visually overwhelming to say the least. A little gem amidst the gloom.

You have to  pick and choose the tin shed you buy from, a few have  the new factory made stuff but I like the old, antique and vintage and fortunately thats the majority.
Someone decided to over dye the pieces and it has become popular, but spoils the overall effect.

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  1. Kim Baird says

    To learn more about the applique and dyeing techniques used, find a copy of One Needle, One Thread by Tomoko Torimaru. She shows it all.
    published by the University of Hawaii


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