Just one of those days.

Last night when I sat down to write I found the experiences of the day really hard to put into words But I’m giving it a go now.

We visited a local market in Samutsongkram about an hour out of Bangkok and then spent the rest of the day on the delta of the Gulf of Thailand which included a trip through the mangroves to feed the wild monkeys.
They were all re-visits which means we had done on the same trip a few years ago, but armed with new knowledge we were much better prepared. 

The train market. 
Passenger trains have passed through an incredibly busy market 8 times a day for almost 30 years…
Lily, our guide explained that the market is overflowing and there is no more room for vendors, so when some enterprising folk saw that the space by the train line was free, they gradually put their stalls right next to the line. As the train arrives,  the produce is lifted or rolled back like a well co-ordinated race team the canopies are removed and the train passes  through.  Within a few minutes products are put back in place  and  the overhead canvas is unfurled, its an incredible sight. The train actually passes over the produce…. OK, I’m not going to buy any of it… but its the way it is…. 

I’ll add the other exciting part of the day tomorrow.

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