Purchasing textiles Today.

I’ve been asked if I will sell some of the Textile pieces I’ve bought. I’m considering buying pieces for sale on my web page for those who are unable to come here. Sometime next year.

It was my last visit to the Hmong textile ‘sheds’ today. This is my 3rd visit on this trip and over the past few days I had time to plan how I was going to use  them. So purchased with intention today and because I wanted “old’ I paid a premium price.
These are two of the skirts I bought  and I had to undo them and lay them flat to pack them in the cases. There are 7 yards in each piece. The one on the right had been stitched into pleats thats how they are stored… but once washed it will be manageable.

This is part of one of the skirts. The tiny blocks in the centre of the red appliquéd strips on the skirt are about 1/4″ square.
This is a close up. I think they have actually made a small yellow square and appliquéd a diamond in the centre. If I use this as a border for a quilt I would stitch in the ditch right next to the red appliqué and then stitch every line of the blue, can you imagine how gorgeous it would look.
Imagine, doing 7 yards of this appliqué? This skirt is worn and patched and I love it in that state.
This is part of the cross stitch border. This skirt is so heavy, I’ll weigh it when I get home… its amazing. I can’t date it yet, but I do have books at home that will help me date them.
This is another piece of indigo dyed hemp… the pattern is more defined than the first piece I purchased.

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  1. Rachel Beh K Lang says:

    oh such beautiful fabric just made me salivate…is this still Chiang Mai? Will have to consult you the next time I get to go Thailand I guess.

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