Pigeon, Pigeon.

Time to work and I’m using my photos to create images in fabric.
Realistically its not a whim… I’ve been designing these projects on the road and this project, “Darn Pigeons” I will share the techniques as I create the quilt.
I began with the image below.
I printed it out to the size I wanted…. in fact I had to wait until I replenished the ink on the printer… darn it…
Once printed, I traced the bird images onto the piece of Indonesian shot cotton. I used a fine .5 pigment ink pen to outline the image and then a Tsukineko fabric pen to fill in. I was careful to add the fine detail in the birds.


I used this image… its actually a cropped photo of a pigeon taken in Venice…. (I love pigeons) 
He has a great profile and a lot of detail in his feathers but when created in fabric it won’t look very much like this, it was the stance and shape I was attracted to when taking the photo.

I Changed the image into a pencil drawing using an app on my iPad. It gives me a clear defined outline. I printed the image to a calculated size on Velum which makes it easier for creating appliqué, I just have to reverse to without having to use a light box.
The background piece is Indonesian shot cotton, giving an overall  silky effect. I wanted to reflect the iridescence of the feathers on the neck. Maybe thats a bit fufu.. but that’s my reasoning.
So how will I finish it… ? stay tuned I will add a photo and explanation at each stage.

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