We’re home.

After 3 months of working, traveling, learning, creating, experiencing, laughing and very occasionally crying, I get to go home for 5 weeks and be a mum, a wife, an artist  and play with the most important people in my world, the Grandies.




Its been an amazing journey. It was great that husband Keith could travel with me for the last 8 weeks. I’ve been home 3 days and now I have to book the next trip which begins in 5 weeks.
Thanks for sharing the journey with me.

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  1. Nicqui Willis says:

    Its been fab Pam we’ve been to places with you that we’d love to visit but can’t for one reason or another but through your blog and wonderful pictures we now feel we have, so thanks a million and have a few weeks r & r with your lovely family. Much love and Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you for allowing me to tag along.

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