Pigeon, Pigeon

“Persistence lies at a point beyond everything we have already tried, and all we have already done.”
I’ve been working on this quilt without too much enthusiasm. But I have to finish it.
Creating and designing are two different things in my mind. I don’t like this piece but I’m creating and I’m not sure how it will come out. I figure that if I keep working it, it will turn out satisfactory in the end. 
The design isn’t the best, the elements are opposing.
I want a painterly effect for the garish pigeon… (I do like the colours) so I’m using free motion zig zag.
I began quilting  free motion with the sweet 16 However, I was creating a  fan pattern and it wasn’t even enough, so I reverted to the Janome.
The scrolls are fine to do on the sweet 16, but standing back and looking at it, I don’t think it flows as well as I wanted it to.
I might cut off the top band of quilting.

The pigeon is looking the way I wanted it to so there may be some salvation. 
OK, I’ve been fighting the effects of antihistamines for hay fever all day .. so I think I will give in to them,  make a coffee and watch TV and finish this in the morning.

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