Throwing things away.

I’m having a long awaited revamp of the studio.
Its been on the list for a some time and today I evaluated  all my threads.
My Studio was our office, warehouse, design studio for years and years when I was a fashion designer…. that was ions ago.
We did get rid of a lot of fabric and notions when we decided to finish, but, there is still stuff lurking in hidden cupboards along with 15 antique machines…. goodness, I’ve just stored them for all those years and never used them.

Threads… I have a few.

But as the years progress I find that I only use a few types of threads, Superior cotton and silk and Aurifil cotton for the color range.
They have been stored faithfully in boxes for years and I’ve set them free.

Don’t they look lovely.

The Ikea vintage storage shelves are on 3 levels and they are on wheels so they can be rolled from one machine to the other as I use them…. besides they look pretty speccy. I saw them in some of the booths in Houston…. tick….. I need those.

The threads I don’t need are stored ready to give my neice Laura  who is finding her voice with Textiles.
I actually feel guilty that I have such wonderful things that I don’t and probably won’t use, so the fabric is next in line. I could never use all the fabric I have stored.
Will you?
I will also give away a lot of patterns…. but all in good time (my designs)

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  1. KateOz says:

    Good post! When I was a child a neighbour would give our family bits and pieces she was clearing out of her cupboards – the odd piece of china, things like that. To me it seemed like untold wealth to have surplus – but these last few years I’m in exactly the same boat of sorting and passing on. And it’s a liberating feeling. BTW LOVE the IKEA rollies!!!

  2. gale wrigley says:

    Ooooo! The threads look great in the carts! I may need a trip to Ikea soon.
    No, I will never use all the fabric I have stored unless I live to 150 and can still sew. I’m trying my best, though!

  3. Must be something to do this year! I had the same thought, spent time arranging my fabric on mini bolts and putting them on shelves so that I could see them clearly when I got the time to sew. A few months later, I decided to start sewing in the evenings so that some of that lovely fabric could get used up and my UFO’s wouldn’t be my daughter’s responsibility after I’m gone! It’s working, slowly but I’m starting to pare down the stash!

  4. Ann says:

    We are having an addition put on for my studio. Here we are 11 days before Christmas And it is almost done. So excited to start organizing my stuff. I love those Rollie carts I saw those at ikea too. Once this is ready toove in I can make my trip to ikea for a few things! The only draw back is this addition has impacted my entire house! So much dust and everything at the moment is packed and piled up in other rooms. I have no room to bring down the Christmas decorations. Even the tree. So with some luck this can get done early this week and we can hustle to get everything done. And then I can finally sew!!

  5. Becky LeRoy Las Cruces says:

    Hi Pam, Are the rolling carts in the picture plastic or metal? Do they seem fragile? I found them on the Ikea site, but the materials are not listed. Thanks. Becky

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