Talk about Frustrating.

I use Apple computers.
I have two large screen computers in the studio, it was just a bit of a fluke really, the screen on the one on the right was showing signs of wear and I was advised to buy a new computer considering the cost of repairing it. But 3 years later its going strong… the screen is a bit different to the good one… but its just fine.
Last year I bought a  new lap top for travel because the 5 year old one  kept crashing with in iPhoto and I couldn’t take the stress of loosing all my photos while traveling.
So that’s 4 computers that I use on a daily basis. +  a big iPad and a mini for travel. An iPhone, and an iPod.
One could say I’m an apple fan.

About 5 months ago, I updated one desktop (the newest) to  a new ‘you beaut’ system.
Darn it. 
My Canon Pixma printer wouldn’t scan using that system. It was out of date. The printer was about 3 years old and had done an amazing job up till then.
So I kept the older computer on the old system for as long as I could so that I could use the scanner.
Whilst traveling Maverick came out and we changed the way our computers, phones and iPads operated.
Oh dear, 
OK I like it, its effecient and works well. But all of the computers need to sync, so I had to update them all finally.
How on earth it does it I don’t know. I think there are cyber fairies… I actually did a drawing of one some time ago. She was called Cynthia the Cyber Angel.
I’ve been home two weeks and the computers have been on the list to co-ordinate. It meant buying a new fancy printer, which I did, but you need a  degree to set it up… I’m no slouch when it comes to computers but this sure had me beat.
I’ve had no scanner for a month or so prior to travel and up till now. I felt like my throat was cut.
 I picked up the printer on friday, worked on the installation for hours with just a little success. But no scanner.
So today was the day to get it done… and its now all installed and yay I have a scanner again.
But why can’t they just give you a disk like the older ones and install the disk and it does all that fancy stuff for you?

Now I can scan. !!!!!

The image above is a piece of Kantha embroidered silk measures about 4 foot X 6 foot. Hand embroidered on a single layer of silk. I bought it in India of course. I love the colours, the design and the accuracy of the work.Kantha stitching is basically used for making simple quilts. Kantha originated from the way in which Bengali housewives mended old clothes by taking out a strand of thread from the colorful border of their saris and making simple designs with them. The traditional form of Kantha embroidery was done with soft dhotis and saris, with a simple running stitch along the edges.

The finished product they were known as Lepkantha or Sujni Kantha. The entire cloth is covered with running stitches,the stitching on the cloth gives it a slight wrinkled, wavy effect. Kantha is applied to a wider range of garments such as sarees, dupatta, shirts for men and women, bedding and other furnishing fabrics, mostly using cotton and silk.

Motifs –

Motifs used in kantha embroidery are human and animal figures, floral symbols which cover the surface from the corner. Basically, the center motif used are lotus. Different patterns like fishes, birds, kalka, mandala, mythological stories also figured. The threads used were blue, green, yellow, red and black.

Stitches Used In-

Stitches used in kantha embroidery are running stitch, darning stitch , satin and loop stitch. In kantha stem stitch is also used to outline the motifs.

This is the back.     Goodness me..    How lucky am I.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one having the problems of installation of the new maverick. My new HP printer is driving me mad but thanks for the tip about the ipad mini. I bought a new one with the retina screen, heaven.

  2. pam holland says:

    Maverick works fine and its no different to windows.. lots of apps change with a new format. The printer worked fine, but the scanner software didn’t.
    You will enjoy the mini it ravels everywhere with me.

  3. Candy says:

    my experience has been that all the printer software update are now available as online downloads, instead of discs. I thought I would need to change out my printer/scanner, but what happens is the upgrades are a bit behind the computer software upgrades so I waited a little then it was available.

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