Christmas is Christmas, is Christmas – I love it.

Christmas is a lot of work to begin with. 
Each year, I vow to lessen the present giving, I vow to delegate more, and I vow to buy less food.
But, the time comes around and we do it all over again, bigger and better.

I did delegate a little more this year. Everyone is bringing something. Well they do every year, but this time I asked for it to be cooked and deliver hot.
I couldn’t believe it,  the pumpkin cost me $16. It better taste special.

I remember with great affection, the excitement of the children on Christmas morning when they were little. It was a wonderful feeling.
Now we chart Father Christmas on the Internet instead of imagining him landing on the roof.

I’ve been doing Christmas lunch since I was 20 years old. 47 years of providing food for the troops and cooking over a hot stove on a summers day. I love it, but in all honesty, I’m pleased when the day ends. and everything it tidy again.

Its tradition  in our family to set up for lunch  the day before. We eat in the garden so just the tables are set right now, the decorations and trimming need to wait for the morning in case the outside creatures help themselves during the night.

Its tradition to have a hot meal even if its 100 degrees, turkey, ham, pork and all the trimmings. Plum pudding, brandy cream and custard.
The evening meal is always sea food. Fresh prawns.
This year I’ve made place names… just so I get to sit down instead of perching on the end of the table.

We’ve had babies that are having their first Christmas for the past 9 years… Its Jayas turn this year and we will have a new little boy next year.
The three year olds realise what birthdays and Christmases are about now and I love their reaction.
I loved the fact that a 9 year old was gobsmacked at a gift we gave him today. I got a lump in my throat.

I love Christmas carols.
I love plum pudding and eating prawns with fresh bread and I love our annual family photo.

That what I love about Christmas.
Happy Christmas day to you.

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