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The studio – The Shed.

I’ve had a love affair with my studio for over 30 years.
Its just a shed. 
A big Shed.
It was my studio where my business partner Cynthia and I designed and produced our clothing line for about 10 years. All the hard work went on here. The factory made the garments and they were shipped from the Shed.
To say it was an intense and hectic life is an understatement, but we both loved it.
We had second hand carpet left overs from our houses, so it was old when we installed it. We had second hand desks, tables and stuff.

A sewing day with friends and Grandie Oscar on the table as we sewed and chatted in the shed.

It was in desperate need of a re-vamp, it was very tidy, organised and I know where everything is, I loved working in there. But on the long travel days of my last tour, I drew up a plan to change it.
Out go all the old carpets, tables, desks and bookcases, and in come the new.
Tilly and I visited Ikea a couple of weeks ago and she  diligently carried around an pencil and tape measure and helped me design the new look.
I had lots of red things… 
But I wanted more than red and orange.

The cover of this 1946 book was my colour inspiration. One of the old tables I kept (actually it was our family dining table for years)  will be painted blue turquoise and all of the other colors are now in the book case. The cement floor will be stained like the butter of her dress.
The photo below was the modern inspiration… same colour combination. It my shopping bag, threads and vintage rolling try stand for the thread.
We only ever got round to painting half of the walls so now the whole shed will be painted in the terracotta.

You may think it strange that I am fussy about the colours I choose to work under. But colour is really important to me.
I even have to eat off coloured plates that make me comfortable.
I would find it difficult to work in a white walled studio.
The shed is designed around my major project, the Bayeux Tapestry. My Journals, patterns, books, drawings and a large light box are all designed for that project. Anything else I do is worked around the jolly Bayeux.

So this is it, after a couple of days of hard work.  The painting will be done after I leave for travel in a few weeks, I’m allergic to paint…….!!!  The rest of the carpet needs to be taken up, an extra desk and cupboard will be installed and its good to go.
whoopee, thank you Tilly, thank you Keith for the hard work. 
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I travel the world teaching and talking. Photographing and writing, Sharing experiences What a way to go.


    • Pam Holland says

      Thanks Barb.. the wall colors are important to me. But it will take a few months to get them organised.


  1. Tracy A Greenlee says

    Love your space! It is bright and cheery and you will continue to be so creative in that shed…which inspires me to be creative in my little space, too and never give up on the dream of a bigger space someday! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!


    • Pam Holland says

      Thanks Tracy, I was able to begin work again yesterday and the vibes for achieving are very positive. I was able to finish quilting two small quilts and prepare another two for class samples. It works, that was may main concern. I needed to feel good about my space.


  2. Pam Holland says

    Yes, Ralfy is doing OK… he was a bit nervous but his bed is till there and he seems to be happy.


  3. Dana Lynch says

    Oh it’s just beyond wonderful Pam! I have been in love with my studio for many years too, but at 12 X 14 feet with a 12 foot longarm, it’s beyond crowded to say the least. I trip a lot!!! Your space looks wonderful and the color is just perfect. I know you will love all the changes very much. What an inspiring place! Congratulations and thank you for sharing the process and your special place.


    • pam holland says

      Dana, I count my blessings, this is my ‘place’
      Keith came in a few minutes ago and asked me about the paint colors… He doesn’t like the terracotta, but I pointed out that I painted his office in these colors and he loves them !!! Oh, yes…


    • Absolutely Noel, it will be super when all the new lights are in, the painting is done and the floor is finished. But right now, I’m creating up a storm so its working.


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