Year: 2014


Re-creating the Bayeux Tapestry as  a Quilt. Continuity. It may sound strange saying this but for me continuity is paramount to keep in the flow of this special project.            I find I work more efficiently if I draw the applique and prepare it by putting it onto the fabric as soon as possible, if I wait for a few days I loose track.  (Where the heck does that piece go?) So, when I’m working on each section,   I’m able to  memorize where each piece needs to be placed and it makes it much easier if its fresh in my mind. In fact, its almost like a production line. Draw the image on fusible web, place it on fabric, cut it out and assemble each applique image and then complete that part of the panel ready to quilt and applique.

Mixed Media bags.

Originally posted on I am Pam Holland:
Over the past few years, I’ve frequented scrap booking shops looking for interesting Mixed Media supplies.I’m not into art quilts, I guess this is where I could possibly use this stuff… so generally it sits there in the appropriate box until I get round to making a series of cards… !!!! I just love scrapbook paper…. it’s as wonderful as fabric…. in fact a lot of? it is printed in fabric as well. I’ve been home a week and the urgency to get Christmas presents for my Stitch and Bitch girls becomes paramount… What can I make? I try to make the presents each year, but that’s not always possible…. “Pam take stock of yourself you’re not a miracle worker, just buy something…!!!” I saw some little hand created bags…. that was???? IT….I’ll make those… I cut out two shapes…. that look a little like bags or pockets… I used my 6″ ruler as a template. You could use? templastic or heavy cardboard for the pattern. You need…

286 days on the road, all in the name of Quilting.

I sat down today to create a visual image of the past year and I’ve come to a halt. It’s quite difficult. My Stats say that I was away on 4 trips, and I spent 286 days away from home. I traveled 162.832 kilometers on planes and landed in 28 cities in 10 Countries. Of course that’s just plane ticket talk, if I add in all the other travel I did on the Ocean, in cars and buses, I think I was a bit busy. I flew on 123 flights in all. In light of those statistics I became a little daunted and decided to put the video aside for another day and concentrate on Christmas. It’s silent in the studio. It’s silent outside as well, the sun’s gone down and the  night air is crisp. My body is telling me that I’ve worked physically hard today, but it’s Christmas Eve and the expectation for a perfect day tomorrow is the reason. This is my 68th Christmas. How lucky am I. It struck me today …

Merry Christmas to our family and friends.

So here it is Christmas Eve day. The sun is shining and its a very mild summers day. We have a large crowd joining us tomorrow so everything needs to work like clockwork and with lots of little people there are special things in the yard to explore, like, colourful tents, a new swing, the branches cleared so the climbing tree is ready and the cricket set is out. I dashed out for some last minute things and its very hectic at the local shopping area, but its nice. No one looked too stressed. Everything is ready for the big day tomorrow and I decided to do a special little video for our family and friends. I will do a work one this afternoon with a quilting and travel. “I wish you time” I wish you not all possible gifts. I wish you all what most do not have: I wish you time to rejoice and laugh and using this time, you can make something out of it. I wish you time for your actions …

A world without Hunger.

When I was asked if I would contribute to this event I just had to say a resounding yes, 10 of our Children came from situations where their very lives were in danger and indeed some of them would have ultimately experienced hunger and extreme poverty. I chose 3 people who I had met  in the past 12 months. 3 people I came in contact with who had experienced hunger and were living in impoverished situations. The first was a man in India whose image I have used several times, and before you ask me if I had permission to use his image, I will tell you ‘no’ I didn’t ask him because it was a chance meeting during a fleeting moment. Our car was held up by traffic. In fact it was the ever-present cattle taking their afternoon siesta on the road in a small village. It all happened so quickly, the man gesticulated to me to buy some of his pottery and the came to the car to ask if I would take his photo. …

Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore.’

The Raven – Edgar Allen Poe. Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. ”Tis some visitor,’ I muttered, ‘tapping at my chamber door- Only this, and nothing more.’ Thanks so much to Mary Ellen for the suggestion of the title of the quilt. I don’t think my quilt is  as mysterious as the poem. Its made from scraps and ‘found’ and ‘collected’ pieces of textile and I’ve had fun collating them all into this small quilt. My computer guy was watching it progress. “What will you call it” he asked. I never know till I’m almost finished I explained because I don’t know just exactly how it will turn out. I’m happy with it. Its been a ‘diversion’ Quilt. Have you ever made one of those? Its just because you need to quilt, but you can’t do the fancy stuff for one …

7-Day Arts and Crafts of Mexico tour, A creative Journey of Exploration.

  7-Day Arts and Crafts of Mexico tour, A creative Journey of Exploration. How do I describe this tour. Set in Sam Miguel Allende, just a short flight from Houston Creative, Exhilarating, Relaxing, Thought provoking, Exceptional Experience and simply stunning.   This is the second tour we’ve offered in this genre and the time to join is now. We stay in the most stunning Hotel La Puertecita where everyone has their own small Casita. Mine was stunning and big enough to hold a party. The food is wonderful and they have a good mix of Mexican and European choices. This is a small intimate and relaxing tour and I will share my ideas on how to look at things just a little differently. How do you take a photo and create a textile image?

Special things

This is a very special gift given to me by my Sister Heather. In fact she gave me one many years ago and I wore it almost every day when I was traveling. I lost it sometime this year because the clasp broke. Heather, Bless her, bought me a new one at the Design Festival… I will make sure it has a different clasp this time. The fabric is antique kimono and it looks good with everything I wear.