Designing a pattern.

I’ve designed a lot of patterns.
I just wish I had the time to put them into printed form.
This is the one I’m doing today, I designed it for the fundraiser cruise, Soul of the Quilter to raise funds for Libby Lehman in a few weeks. We’re sailing off to the Bahamas.
It a bit whacky, but it was fun to do.
I try to write the pattern for everything I create, but when the crunch comes to printing it, I run out of steam. 
This pattern will be available for students who come on the cruise online.

Printing and creating it in PDF form was completed  today. Discussion and demonstration in class will  cover the quilting and the illustration. So, one more down yip eel
When I began quilting I collected every fabric I could. I was a devotee of Debbie Mumm. 
I think its my sense of whimsy  that initially drew me to her fabric. Needless to say I don’t have any in my stash now.
I admit, I bought a few patterns and made them up, but probably only two or three. I guess I liked the challenge of doing my own.
Most of my quilts now morph from my photos or experiences.
This one is about 20 years old. I’ve partly made it, but it sure is dated. It was the things I saw and loved when I first went to the USA  Birdhouses were all the rage as were light houses, chickens and cows, angels, eagles, stars and the corner pieces were taken from an old screen door. The when you put the blocks into a different format look what happens!! fun.
Most of this was done in EQ4, i was an avid user.
I should re-do them in Kaffe Fasset fabrics, they would look super
This quilt was from an image I took of a poppy pod when I visited the Denver Botanic Gardens.  I don’t have the original photo
These were from my visits to Minnesota.
So one day, when I’m old… I’ll make them all up into patterns and present then online.

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  1. gale wrigley says:

    I suspect that “get old” thing will never happen to you – you’re much too young for that.
    I have a thing for flower pods; love the poppy! I had a ceramics teacher that made seed pods in HUGE format. The poppy pod would end up at least 15″.
    The cruise sounds great. The folks will have a fun project! I’ll be headed towards California then.
    Thanks for this post – it’s quite fun!

  2. Lois Bruno says:

    I am waiting. Lois NRPE (No Rims Purple Eyepieces)

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