There’s a heatwave at home.


Out the window.

1.58 am and the body clock is not on track yet. It takes me at least a week to sleep normally after a long flight across the pond.
My secret is to sleep when I can and eat when I’m hungry.
I gradually  get back to normal.
I have vivid memories of scrabbling in handbags for a left over biscuit when I woke up in the night in a food devoid hotel room. My mind was telling me its breakfast time. So I’ve just eaten a banana and I’ll work a little and probably sleep on the plane this morning.


THIS week is likely to go into the history books as one of the hottest on record, with Adelaide’s record all-time high temperature of 46.1C set to tumble.

Forecasters expect a top in the city of 46C on Thursday, on what will be the fourth day of a blistering heatwave and say the city’s all-time high temperature of 46.1C, recorded in 1939, could easily be topped.

A top of 45C is expected on Wednesday on the back of 45.1C on Tuesday – the fourth-highest Adelaide temperature on record.
I’ve aked Keith to put out water for the Koalas and the birds.

45 degrees is about 118 F and in the mean time, I’m heading to the snow.

Libby Lehman.

A huge milestone has been jumped over as Libby Lehman is now able to go home and be with her family under her own roof.
Absolutely amazing. 

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  1. Dolores says:

    Even up here the heat in Australia is news. Too bad for those tennis players.
    I thought this would be of interest to you. It is a shorter link than the original article.

  2. Robyn Kirk says:

    How wonderful of you to pass the news about Libby L, Thanks so much .

  3. Thank you for passing on the news about Libby!
    While we are getting hot and others are getting cold, there must be a nice comfortable average somewhere!

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