January 15th, 2014


View from my window this evening. Colorful Chicago.

I’ve had a day full of surprises today.
It began with a delicious hamburger at 2.30 am and now its 10 pm and I’m drinking ginger ale and eating dried pineapple sticks……I’m back to normal (well I guess as normal as I can be)
Exhausted, last night I fell asleep at the  computer, so I went to bed at about 8.00 pm and fell into a deep sleep until 2.00 am. By then I was starving, I had only eaten a small breakfast and another small meal at 4.00. I thought I could make another coffee but breakfast was a long time away, so I ordered a burger and it arrived at 3.00 am hot and delicious.
I felt so guilty eating it but hunger got the better of my guilt and I really enjoyed it.
(Thats the peril of long distance travel, your body has to catch up with the time change)
I went back to bed at 3.30 and when I looked at the clock next it was 9.45 am and Dr Phil was solving yet another problem with his words of wisdom.
The days job was to buy a coat. A Down coat.
I had looked at them in LA last December, but I didn’t find the one I wanted.
I had a polar jacket and a silk scarf so the step outside of the hotel hit me like a blast, but I’m here so I need to adapt. 
The fact that my home city of Adelaide was supposed to be the hottest city in the world today!!!! made me feel a little envious.

There was snow and ice on the ground I had to walk for about a mile and a half to the store.
I popped into a doorway every now and then to get warm and then  took off again, I learned to walk fast.
The store located, I set about buying a coat, hat and scarf. 
I chose a down coat and I didn’t try it on, it looked big enough, and I felt a bit silly wearing it out of the store, but I would have love to have done so.
So out in the cold withmy less than suitable attire.
I found a restaurant, about a mile away and decided I could eat and change there. 
The waitress gave me a strange look when she came back with my meal and I had changed my garments… !!!
I had a lunch of soup and sandwich and timed  it to put on my new jacket before venturing into the cold. 
Oh, No, the security tag was still on it….
I tried to pry it off with a fork, but then I thought it might emit an  alarm.
What to do?  Go and change back into my other clothes?
Oh well, I figured I could wear the jacket back to the store, and hide the security tag with my right hand.
Which I did, but it kept slipping out and it was freezing…I wondered if it let out a beep after a certain time, and I was going to be chased by the police….. and they have guns.

OK, I arrived back at the store, but I couldn’t go through the door with it on, so I looked pretty stupid stripping on the pavement.

I had the receipt, I changed the jacket, (actually I changed the size too) and then walked back with my lovely warm, light  down jacket and daggy hat.
BUT, I was cosy warm.
Our big event starts tomorrow, we’ve been busy this evening, packing bags, name tags etc, and then topped it off with a leisurely dinner.
Fabulous, I love this job.

So keep tuned for more fabulous quilting info on the event.


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  1. Dolores says:

    I’m glad you finally got the correct size. Why am I not surprised your outfit has orange in it?

  2. peggyabass says:

    you look ravishing pam…peg in k

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