The church next door to the hotel

Travel is a state of mind in a way.

You can’t get too fussed if things go wrong when you travel, you just roll with the punches. One of my  Tutor friends had one of those moments yesterday and I sypathise with her immensely. Her whole day was a travel nightmare.

I got on the plane a few days ago  and the familiar grouch on my shoulder sits there and chats to me…”Why on earth are you doing this, you should be home in your own house, your own bed and with the family”
I feel miserable for a short time, but it doens’t do me any good, so I shrug and tell him to back off.  I’ve had a few scares in the past year, so you never know when you have to stop and I’m going to give it all I’ve got while I can.

This trip  has gone well so far, but who knows what is around the corner I’ve had many times when the heart has beats far too fast over an incident or an occurrence. So with weather I’m not sure of,  I flew into Chicago a day earlier than I needed to… just in case there was  a travel a hold up. 
I’m always nervous about my   quilts and luggage arriving with me or in advance, but its always a risk.  In fact I had to chase up my pens which hadn’t been delivered. A few phone calls solved the problem.

I ry hard to not to send quilt through the mail, but I’ve had t
Its living dangerously.

Its so different being here in winter, everyone dresses  to ward off the cold. We had small snow flurries but I can’t take the camera out in the cold. I just took out the little one, even then my hands froze. 

I have no more time to go out now, so thats it for the snow.

This year, I’m going to be in USA, Mexico, Italy, France, Ireland, the Caribbean, Australia, Thailand  and India / South Africa (I hope) so One  World and Mr Hilton get ready. It’s an absolute joy and a privilege.

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